Becoming a stay-at-home mom

Recently I decided to quit my job; tomorrow will by my last day. Big deal right? Very big deal. Surprisingly it was a straight forward decision for me: my husband and I aren’t gaining anything by me working (especially not more income). We did the math and I will actually have more disposable income while not working. How can that even be? Factor in day care costs and gas to and from my little town to the “big” city and there goes my entire salary.

I decided to start this blog as a way to express myself through writing, something I have always been good at, and as a way to reach other mothers. Upon entering into motherhood I was blessed with PPD. Those of you reading this blog might already know what that stands for: postpartum depression. What a way to begin motherhood and start a relationship with this tiny person I created. I struggled in a way that I still haven’t been able to put into words. In those dark times I read a lot of blogs and found my “mama-tribe” in an online community. I’m hoping to be a resource to other mothers and to share my journey of motherhood with you.