How to survive a bad week

Alg-crying-baby-jpgThis guy pretty much sums up what this week has been like for my family. Several big things happened this week and several disastrous things happened. All in all it seems that I survived!

My last day of work was this week on Wednesday. I was feeling emotional about one chapter of my life ending and starting a world unknown to me- that of staying at home with my two children. After dropped my kids off at day-care I hit a dog. Let me repeat that for you- I hit a freakin dog with my van (a mom van of course). I went to work shaken up and crying- not the ideal way I wanted to start my last day there. The following day my husband had emergency surgery in the emergency room of Woodstock hospital. All unknown to me because there was no time to call me. All the while I was trying to get my one and a half year old son seen by emergency because I suspected his arm was broken. The first hospital I took him to said it would be a two hour wait until he could be triaged- what the hell? For an infant? So I took a 45 minute drive to another hospital during a thunderstorm. My husband says this day was literally out of a country song.

I think the key to getting through a week like this one is self-care. Its easy to forget about yourself when you are a parent but you will not survive if you continue putting yourself aside. Even something small like taking a quick walk around the block, reading before bed, painting your nails, etc can help you recharge after a crappy day or week. I chose to take a long hot bath last night, watch The Santa Clarita Diet (which is hilarious)and head to bed early.

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