Taking a vacation without kids

Recently my husband and I went on vacation to Sao Miguel, Azores. We chose not to take our two young children because we actually wanted to enjoy our vacation. Kids are great and I truly love mine but I don’t think I would enjoy going on vacation with them.

We had countless problems with SATA, the only airlines that flies into the island. It was basically a nightmare and we thought we would be stuck on the island for an extra few weeks. What I’m trying to say is that we didn’t take our children with us intentionally and still didn’t end up enjoying our time away all that much. While it was nice to have some time to ourselves, and we certainly needed it, my husband and I spent the majority of our time worrying about our children.

Because I am a worry-wart by nature I’m sure I spent way more time worrying than he did. My worrying was next-level thanks to my wonderful panic disorder. On the flight to Sao Miguel I was convinced that we would crash and die. Once we actually landed I was convinced that some kind of disaster was about to happen at any moment: a mudslide, a hurricane, the airline would refuse to let us off the island- I literally feared the worst was going to happen. This is pretty common for me but it makes enjoying every day life difficult to say the least.

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