Who is more nervous?

Like most other parents before the first day of school, I am reflecting on how fast time goes by. My oldest child will be starting Junior Kindergarten tomorrow. I feel like I have been trying to prepare for this moment for months but we are still not ready; especially me. I am not ready to leave my very young four year old with a stranger for most of the day. I worry that he doesn’t know how to be independent enough to be in school. I worry that he will feel scared and alone and not get enough comfortable because 30 other kids will all be feeling the same way.

Tonight he and I talked about what tomorrow will be like. I tried to make it sound like a really awesome day: blueberry waffles, smoothies and bacon for breakfast, then we will walk to school and play at the playground before he has to go in and before he knows it I will be back to pick him up. Right away he asked why I can’t stay at school with him and I knew that tomorrow will be a tough day for both of us- he will likely have to be pried away from me while crying and it will break my heart to have to leave him like that. I’m clearly thinking the worst but maybe he will surprise me and there will be no tears and no phone calls home.

I feel for all you other parents thinking about how small your children once were, how you to this day where they are almost starting their very first day of school, how much you wish you cherished the moments more. I think we are all at that place today and that’s okay. Good luck tomorrow to all the new little students and the brave parents embarking on a new adventure!

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