JK update

JK has turned my child into a monster.

We are on week #2 of JK and I feel like I have entered the twilight zone. I’ve regretted my decision to quit my job and stay home with my children more times than I can count. Not everyday is a bad day but raising a toddler and 4 year old has proved to be the most challenging thing I have ever endured. On a good day we only have 1 meltdown before school and several before bed; on a bad day it feels like the entire day is filled with both children screaming. Since being home with both kids, my older child’s jealousy has taken on a life of it’s own.

What I am trying to say is that I am in the thick of it these days. But I’m not alone; I think most parents, and especially ones that stay home with their children, feel similar. Some days it’s a battlefield in our house. I’ve found comfort, these last few weeks, in reading blogs of other moms, such as Vanessa + Melissa https://www.facebook.com/vanessaandmelissa/and Catherine at http://herbadmother.com

3 thoughts on “JK update

  1. I know what you mean Amanda, you know I’m a grand mother of 2 most beautiful boys in the world lol but Michelle has her struggles too its a really hard job I think the hardest.hang in thete it gets a little esier.Austin is having a hard trying wanting to go to school he was excited at Fist but when he realized he had to stay alweek well that didn’t is not going well I’m not a fan of all day jk I really think that some kids are not ready it’s a long day for them ,I’m just glad I didn’t have to go thru that anyway take care and it’s ok to have aelt down once in awhile or a glass of wine like I did lol

    • I totally agree with you Chris; being a mother is by-far the toughest job in the world. I also agree with you about all day JK, it’s just not a good idea for 4 year olds and it’s too much stimulation for some children. Thanks for checking out my post! I hope you guys are all doing well and Austin adjusts to school over the next few months.

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