The real update

I realized that my first JK update post was more of a rant than an actual update. At this point we have been doing the school things for just over two weeks and it’s going okay. The first two days were the hardest; Grayson has to be physically pulled off of me and picked up by his teacher so I could say good bye which was heartbreaking. I loved his teacher for going out of her way to make sure he was okay each day.

On the second week of school I got a phone call saying my son had been selected to switch to the new JK/SK class being allocated to the school. Uhm what?!? My child has been having the hardest time with goodbye in the morning and is attached to the teachers hip and someone thought it would be a great idea to traumatize him even more by putting him a new class with a new teacher and new kids. I don’t know how the children were selected to be switched over but I’m not happy about the way it was done and the fact that parents didn’t have a choice.

The new teacher is nice but here’s the kicker- she will be replaced by the permanent hire sometime in the near future. So now that my introverted, sensitive child has become attached to his new teacher he will have to say goodbye to her as well. The whole situation hasn’t been sitting right with me.

Since starting school I have noticed all kinds of new behaviours coming out of my kid. Mostly in the morning when I am bugging him to get dressed by himself or brush his teeth so we can get going. The new thing around our house has become for Grayson to yell “YOU’RE MEAN, YOU’LL BE MEAN FOREVER”.

When your life revolves around your kids and you’ve quit your job to spend more time with them that is not what you need to hear.

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