It’s been a weird day

This day has sucked. It’s tested my patience and called into question my parenting skills.

This morning was filled with meltdowns because I wanted my 4 year old to go pee before school. How dare I ask him to do such a horrible thing, I know. On the way back from school my littlest and I took a nice walk. It WAS nice until I found lost puppy and had to figure out how to carry it whilst struggling to push a double stroller with one hand. The sweat was dripping down my face and back as I went to a few houses to find it’s owners. I must have looked like a lunatic. I eventually gave up and brought the dog home, her name was Pippy.

Fast forward to a few hours later and I’m trying to make a phone call while my toddler is screaming desperately for “AGUAAA” which means water. It was a cup of coffee and he was so obsessed with trying to drink it I had to dump it. He was acting like my coffee cup had some magical liquid he couldn’t live without. I get it kid, I can’t live without it either but you are a bit young. A few minutes later we are at the table having a snack and Jaxon is trying to climb on top of said table. Naturally. He got up top, heard an airplane from a mile away and immediately lay himself flat on the table completely still. This kid acts like he has PTSD when he hears airplanes. Bizarre and kind of funny.

Fast forward to school pick up time. On the way home I made the mistake of telling Grayson about Pippy and he was so sad he missed out. So off we went to the dog owners house and I, like a weirdo, asked if we would see Pippy again. These people are probably worried I am trying to kidnap their dog.

Evening was the kind of shit show I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Kids ate fajitas in the bath and used the bath water like dipping sauce and my neighbour’s were surely sick of hearing “I WANNA WATCH TV” a hundred billion times. I was sick of it too but I wasn’t about to give in.

All in a day’s work.

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